Meet the Crew

Volunteer Princess Cruises is a small, family-owned and operated business that offers unique public cruises and private events.  Our staff consists of three full-time employees and several part-time employees who work as crew during each of our cruises.  Each member works year-round and performs multiple duties to provide a memorable experience for each and every one of our guests.

All Volunteer Princess Cruises captains are Coast Guard certified and licensed professionals whose highest priority is the safety and security of our passengers. Each captain possesses a 100 Ton Master Coast Guard License.  All ship employees and wait staff are professionally trained by our captain to perform all necessary safety drills. Nowhere else will you find a staff and crew so dedicated to both your safety and enjoyment onboard.  Click on the names below to learn more about our Volunteer Princess Cruises team!

  • Chevron down Walter LeMasurier: President
  • Walter with his wife Beverly.

    Walter, our English boss man, has lived around the world! Coming from London, he has shared his English quirks with Ontario, Peru, Miami and Kuwait. How he ended up in Knoxville is a mystery, but we’re glad to have him! He is a successful businessman with experiences in finance and property taxes. Walter was the mastermind behind bringing this venture to Knoxville. He wanted something new and beautiful added to the growing riverfront community; he also thought it would be a fun and unique business for his son and daughter-in-law. His favorite cuisine from the ship is shrimp and cheesecake, not necessarily together, we hope! Walter is determined to keep the Volunteer Princess operationally sound.  Walter’s favorite part of owning this business has been visiting with local Knoxville residents and visitors alike. You will not find him on board quite as often these days, but he checks up on every single cruise the following day.

  • Chevron down Beverly LeMasurier: Vice President
  • Beverly, right, pictured with her sister Betsy, left.

    If there is one person on the Volunteer Princess you should get to know, it’s Beverly. Coming from Chicago, San Francisco and Fort Lauderdale, she knows her way around this lovely country. Beverly also worked in Pigeon Forge before finally settling down in Knoxville with her husband Walter. Her hobbies include: volunteering, shopping, taking care of her grandkids, and spending time with friends! Beverly prides herself on keeping our linens shipshape, pun intended!

    In years past, Beverly was the yacht’s resident caterer; as such, she suggests beginning your meal with a VPC Breeze Cocktail – one of our signature drinks – followed by a fresh salad and baked bread and a delicious dinner of sun-dried tomato stuffed chicken with garlic cream sauce, herb-roasted potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and cheesecake.  When you are through with this delicious meal, Beverly encourages you to step into the pilothouse and visit her dear son, Captain Chris.

  • Chevron down Chris LeMasurier: Vice President of Operations, Captain, and Webmaster
  • Chris pictured with his wife, Nikki, and two children, Jace and Harper.

    Chris is our all-American, southern-bred captain, wake-boarder, and professional water tuber. He graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2006 with a degree in Business Management and decided to obtain his United States Coast Guard 100 Ton Master Captain’s License in 2007. Chris is always ready for a challenge: docking the boat in windy conditions, working on the yacht’s engines in the boiling engine room, or coaching an unruly softball team. Chris thoroughly enjoys cruises for the University of Tennessee’s athletic recruits and whole-heartedly believes these trips on the Volunteer Princess have a very positive impact on the university’s recruiting outcomes.  His short-term goal – just a bit unrealistic – is to wakeboard behind the Volunteer Princess while he hopes to keep the yacht in prime condition long-term.  Chris hopes to take his wife, Nikki, and their two lovely children, Jace and Harper, on a beautiful cruise throughout the Mediterranean in the future, but for now, cruising down the Tennessee River is just right.  Visit Chris in the pilothouse for a chance to drive the yacht or just to say hello!

  • Chevron down Nikki LeMasurier: Vice President of Marketing and Event Planning
  • Nikki pictured with her husband, Chris, and two children, Jace and Harper.

    Nikki was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee and moved to Knoxville in May 2003 to work towards her degree in Early Childhood Education at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  After graduating and marrying her captain charming, Chris, she took a different path and is now our Vice President of Marketing and Event Planning, although her most beloved role is mommy to our very own Volunteer Prince and Princess, Jace and Harper.  Balancing work and motherhood has been no simple task, but she wouldn’t trade the opportunity to do what she loves both at work and at home for the world. Nikki loves to join the cruises as a guest and can be found on the bow of the yacht sipping a frozen cocktail while enjoying the sunset over a beautiful downtown Knoxville skyline. One day, she hopes her husband fulfills his promise of taking her on a fantasy vacation to Greece and Italy, but for now she is happy raising her kids and watching them grow. Nikki recommends you try out the sun-dried tomato stuffed chicken with garlic cream sauce during our popular Sunset Dinner Cruises; don’t forget to ask for a little extra sauce on the side!

  • Chevron down Tori Farmer: Director of Sales and Marketing/Event Planning
  • Insert info here!

  • Chevron down J. Riley White: Relief Captain
  • Riley

    Our trusted and beloved relief captain, Mr. J. Riley White – better know as Just Riley – is a true gem. He hails from this great city of Knoxville and is currently balancing a very busy schedule of being a full-time student, working for his family’s construction business, and driving as a relief captain here at VPC. While pursuing his degree in Supply Chain Management from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Riley enjoys fishing, hunting, and working.  He won’t officially select his favorite LeMasurier, but we all know it’s Captain Chris who has a lot to teach this young grasshopper.  One of Riley’s favorite moments aboard the yacht is watching guests’ faces question, “Is he old enough to be driving this thing?!”  Please rest assured, you’re all in great hands with our reliable Captain Riley. Give him a big smile the next time you’re onboard, and you might just get one his favorite jokes like this: “Why did the captain decide not to buy a new hat?”  “He was afraid of capsizing!”  Good one, Riley!

  • Chevron down Courtney Caradonna: Lead Server, Galley Staff, Crew Member, and Server
  • Courtney

    Our go-to-gal for all things onboard the yacht, Courtney is a vibrant and intelligent Memphis native. She moved to the area to attend the University of Tennessee, Knoxville where she is pursuing a double major in Neuroscience and Spanish; we told you she’s smart!  Courtney hopes to attend dental school and become an oral surgeon with the ultimate goal of opening her own dental practice.  New Orleans holds a special place in her heart, and she would love to settle down there long-term.  Courtney loves to travel; she would love to backpack through Europe or simply live in Kauai, Hawaii for a short time.   Courtney is a leader onboard due to her dedication and strong work ethic; she find each shift fun because she enjoys her coworkers!  Next time you join us, chat with Courtney to learn more about two goals she’d like to achieve by the end of this year: going to Mardi Gras and running her third half marathon!

  • Chevron down Jake Wuethrich: Bartender, Crew Member, and Server
  • Jake

    Meet Jake: our all -American boy. Jake loves the outdoors and would love to spend all of his time snowboarding, wakeboarding, mountain biking, or hunting. Jake’s very adventurous: once he traveled 100 miles north of Vancouver in 36 hours via train, plane, bus, and ferry boat. Jake’s dream is to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, so we mean it when he say he’s outdoorsy. Jake is majoring in Finance and thinks everyone should read “Psycho-Cybernetics” at least once in their life.  A Jake of all trades, he has mastered the skill of juggling while unicycling (unfortunately not on the yacht). Jake is a valuable addition to our team here as he’s a great team player; he helps with all sorts of odd jobs and enjoys being kept on his toes.  If you see Jake at the bar, ask for a few oranges, check his reflexes, and watch him juggle!


  • Chevron down Kiley Scheetz: Galley Staff, Crew Member, and Server
  • Kiley

    Meet Kiley, a cat person…and I mean a cat person! If she could spend all her time, alone, in her room, with her cat she would be happy.  Fortunately for us, Kiley sees the importance of social interaction and working!  Kiley is very talented; she can speak both Japanese and Korean.  She’s also very intelligent; like her friend, Courtney, she is also pursuing a double major at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville: Linguistics and Spanish.  After graduation, she plans to travel to South Korea and visit Japan once again.  Kiley hopes to travel the world, learning more about linguistics and language. As someone who often travels and knows a good destination when she sees it, we feel very lucky she enjoys working on the water aboard Volunteer Princess.  If you see Kiley onboard, off her a Coke.  She loves Coke so much, it was actually her first word!

  • Chevron down Mary Mitchell: Galley Staff, Crew Member, and Server
  • Mary

    Mary is a Chemical-Biomolecular Engineering student.  Let’s just say, she’s incredibly driven, intelligent, and determined.  In addition to working aboard the Volunteer Princess, Mary is diligently researching campylobacter in a microbiology lab while simultaneously investigating lithium ion separation in a chemical engineering lab.  Mary loves her time aboard the yacht as it’s so different from her studies and second job; she finds it refreshing to interact with our guests and fellow crew members.  Mary hopes you enjoy the beautiful views as you cruise along the Tennessee River.  Mary’s current goals are increasing her GPA, surviving and graduating college, and picking up violin lessons. Good luck, Mary!

  • Chevron down Sarah Shelley: Bartender, Lead Server, Galley Staff, Crew Member, and Server
  • Sarah

    Sarah is our sarcastic, hilarious, Michigan transplant who’s never at a loss for words.  She loves macaroni and cheese, Chopped, Flappy Bird, and “chillin’ like a villain.”  Sarah has worked with us for more than five years.  As such, she’s gained a few boat “secrets” she’d like to share with you.

    1. There are holds beneath the floor of the boat used to store boat supplies.
    2. Captain Chris is not really driving the boat.  Rather, there are small gnomes navigating the yacht down the river who live in said holds.
    3. Captain Chris has no role other than watching sports on his TV and pretending to drive the boat.

    Most days, you can find Sarah in the galley or behind the bar.  Sarah loves to chat and socialize, so carve out some time to meet her the next time you’re onboard.  You won’t regret it!


  • Chevron down Savanah DiPasquantonio: Crew Member, and Server
  • Savanah

    Savannah comes to us from Delaware.  She’s currently living in Knoxville to attend The University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Audiology program, just like Teresa!  Savanah’s favorite part about working here at the Volunteer Princess is the boat’s proximity to her apartment; she can walk, bike, or run to work! Savanah loves to travel and thinks snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef would be an amazing adventure. In the upcoming year, she hopes to travel to a new destination and rescue a sweet dog.  Here’s a fun fact about Savanah: she has a green thumb!  Visit her apartment, and you’ll find an impressive collection of house plants that are more than surviving – they’re thriving. Savanah loves to interact with guests, so strike up a conversation with her the next time you join us!

  • Chevron down Teresa Slade: Bartender, Crew Member, and Server
  • Teresa

    Can you hear me? Can you hear me now? Good! Teresa is a second year doctoral student in Audiology at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  She can already diagnose haring loss just like a licensed audiologist even while she’s finishing her studies!  She’s lived in Knoxville for thirteen years, so she’s looking forward to traveling and working at different clinics to complete her studies.  In addition to her passion for audiology, Teresa loves being on the water in any capacity; needless to say, she loves her job here at VPC.  Her favorite part of any cruise is watching guests “leave all their worries behind and enjoy themselves!”  Teresa hopes you’ll pay special attention as we dock at the marina.  Crew members tend to the lines while guests can observe at the railings, chatting, and perhaps giving pointers; she finds it’s a fun experience to bring guests and crew together in a unique and nautical way!

Volunteer Princess Cruises offers unique public cruises and private events.

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