Meet the Crew

Volunteer Princess Cruises is a small, family owned and operated business consisting of four full-time employees and several part time employees that work as crew. Each family member works year-round and performs multiple duties on an everyday basis to make sure the Volunteer Princess offers a unique and memorable experience for all of its guests.

The captains of the Volunteer Princess are Coast Guard certified and licensed professionals whose highest priority is the safety and security of our passengers. Each possess a 100 Ton Masters Coast Guard License.

All ship employees and wait staff are professionally trained by our captain to perform all necessary safety drills. Nowhere else will you find a staff and crew so dedicated to both your safety and enjoyment on-board.

Walter LeMasurier, President

Walter LeMasurier, President Walter, our English boss man, has lived around the world! Coming from London, he has shared his English quirks with Ontario, Peru, Miami and Kuwait. How he ended up in Knoxville is a mystery, but we’re glad to have him! You can find Walter in three different places: greeting each and every guest that arrives, washing dishes in the galley with his wife, Beverly, or taking a nap in one of our leather chairs. If you discover him sleeping, make all the noise you want, he won’t wake up. He is a successful business man, with his experiences in finance and property taxes. His favorite yacht cuisines are the shrimp and cheesecake, though not necessarily together (we hope). Walter is determined to keep the Princess operationally sound, as well as meet every person on board.

Beverly LeMasurier, Vice President of Food Service

If there is one person on the Princess that you should get to know, it’s Beverly. She is our cooking, cleaning and event planning extraordinaire. The crew knows not to mess with her; I mean, she IS the one that feeds the poor college crew members! Heads up crew: she’s wanting to introduce new menu items! Coming from Chicago, San Francisco and Ft. Lauderdale, Beverly knows her way around. She has also worked in Pigeon Forge before finally settling in Knoxville with her hubby, Walter. Her hobbies are volunteering, shopping and spending time with friends, but you’ll most likely find her in the galley cooking up a storm! Guests should stop by and peek their head in to say hello. This friendly lady is all about talking and meeting new people. She might even give you an extra bite of her gourmet meals!

Chris LeMasurier, Captain and VP Operations and Webmaster

Chris is our all-American, southern-bred captain, wake-boarder and professional water tuber. He graduated at University of Tennessee in 2006 with a Business Management degree, but decided to attain his US Coast Guard 100 Ton Master Captain’s license in 2007. Who could blame him? He works on the river everyday with his wife, Nikki, and parents. Chris is always ready for a challenge, whether that be docking the boat in windy weather, working on our yacht’s engines in the 100-degree engine room or being the coach of the unruly VPC softball team. Though his short-term goal is a bit unattainable (wakeboarding behind the Princess… yeah right), his plan to keep the yacht in ideal condition is quite successful.

Nikki LeMasurier, Vice President of Marketing and Event Planning

Nikki was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee and moved to Knoxville in May 2003 to work towards her degree in Early Childhood Education at the University of Tennessee. She completely changed courses after graduating and marrying her captain charming, Chris LeMasurier. Nikki is now our Cruise Coordinator on board and loves to plan events, interact with our guests and give her mother-in-law, “Chef Bev” as Nikki likes to say, a helping hand in the galley. Nikki’s short-term goal is to find the time to get her Captain’s License. This way Captain Chris will stop making her refer to him as Captain or Master (as he has his Masters Captain’s License). When asked about working with clients, Nikki says, “By the time their event rolls around, they have become my friend and literally a part of our VPC family.” She likes to evaluate a cruise based on the number of hugs she gets as people disembark. So please, give her a big bear hug before you journey home!

Erin High, Event Coordinator & Sales/Marketing Manager

Erin is the other half of our VPC Event Planning Team. She is smart, silly, driven, very detail oriented and defiantly knows how to throw a successful event. She has been with us for a year now and is working feverishly on her short-term goal, making the Princess the first thing people think about when it comes to Knoxville event venues. In addition to planning and implementing events onboard the Princess, Erin is planning her own Wedding Extravaganza. She cannot wait to become Mrs. Brent Bell and has a count down of days left until that happens. Erin works closely with Nikki in the office and onboard the Princess. Together they make sure you have the best event on the water possible! She is very plugged in to our community and is active with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Junior League. Erin feels like everyone should know that here at VPC we are committed to making sure your events are everything you envision. As long as it is legal, we will make it happen for you! Her favorite part of each and every cruise is greeting guests. She says, it seems simple but we are so involved with all of our guests, from a public cruise reservation to a full wedding and reception, that I feel like I know them personally and so when they arrive I am so excited to see them!

Kevin Nowell, Bartender, Crew Member, Server

To put it shortly, Kevin is our personal comedic relief. Brother to our events coordinator, Nikki, Kevin has worked for VPC from the very beginning. He has been with us for the longest out of any of our crew so he should be the one to answer any of your questions. By day, he’s an insurance agent, training to be an actuary. By night, he is one of our master bartenders. His social hobbies include tennis, camping and paddling. His solo-hobbies include reading and going to the movie theater by himself, really he prefers it this way! Kevin is great at posing for camera pictures (check out our Facebook albums), discussing the latest pop culture and getting everybody to enjoy their time on the yacht! Kevin’s short term goals are to get on the ever popular show, Big Brother, and take home the W! Then he can quit his job and go hike the Appalachian Trail. When asked what he thinks our guests should know about the VPC he says, “That we do have life jackets and they are available for rent. You should also know that I am only kidding.”

Lisa Nowell, Lead Galley, Lead Server, Bartender & Crew Member

Yes, my friends, this is Kevin and Nikki’s little sister, Lisa! You might hear her brother and sister refer to her as Left Ear Lisa or Lisaeatsapizza. She has worked with the Volunteer Princess off and on since she moved to Knoxville for school in August of 2007! Lisa is a UTK logistic grad and after working for almost a year in that field she decided to switch career paths and go back to school to become a PA. She is currently taking prerequisites to get into the PA school of her choice. She spends her days studying and sitting in class, so when she works onboard she is ready to mix, mingle and show our guests a great time. Lisa can do everything on the yacht and on your next cruise you can find her behind the bar as your friendly bartender, tying up the yacht as one of your trusted crew members, serving you dinner as your attentive server, or in the galley as your dedicated sous chef. However, Lisa’s favorite time to be on the yacht is when she comes on board as a guest! She says, “I love to sit in the comfy chairs and drink mimosas while tailgating with the Vol Navy before a UT home game!”

Sarah Shelley, Lead Galley, Bartender, Crew, Lead Server

Sarah is our go-to girl for just about anything onboard the yacht. She is one of our employee veterans and has been with us for over 2 years! You will most likely find Sarah in the trenches of the galley but she can do it all from bartending to serving to leading the crew, Sarah is incredibly well rounded. She loves to be on the water should it be working on the Princess or out paddling in her beloved kayak. Sarah is the reason we here at VPC recycle and if she had it her way we would use all organic hand soaps and dish washing detergent…we shall see how persuasive she is. Her love for the environment and animals runs deep and we love that about her, it truly makes her who she is. She is majoring in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology so who knows where or what she will end up doing! Sarah grew up in Harsens Island, MI but her family now lives in Corbin, KY. She ventures back to see them as often as she can because like her love for animals, the water and environment, her love for her family and friends is just as strong. We are so happy to have Sarah on our team, she helps make our cruises happen so you should love that she is here as well. Her favorite things to do onboard are to have staff break on the upper deck of the yacht because it is the best spot on board as well as dancing in the galley. She firmly believes that there is no place better to be than on the water and the crew is like a family.

Morgan Fisher, Lead Server, Assistant Galley Staff, Server

Morgan, also known as Grem, is our sarcastically hilarious New Jersey transplant. She always has something to say and most of the time it will make you laugh. She has worked with us for 2 years now and is working on her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations at the University of Tennessee. In addition to holding a lead role onboard the Princess, Morgan works with the Volunteer Team at UTK and interns with WBIR Channel 10. Morgan’s loves in life are mac n’ cheese, watching the TV show Chopped, playing flabby bird and overall just chillin’ like a villain. She eventually would like to work in the sports industry and produce hype videos and promotions! We might need to have her work on our next VPC Hype video since our last one, Gangnam Style, is a little outdated. Morgan wants to make sure you are all aware that there are holds underneath the ground floor of the boat that you walk on. She believes that we have little gnomes that work for us under there that secretly navigate the yacht through the river. Morgan states that, Captain Chris is not really driving the boat. He actually has no other role besides watching sports on his TV and pretending that he is driving.

Jordyn Glenn, Lead Server, Crew Member, Bartender

Jordyn, better known as J WOW, has been with the Princess for over a year and a half. She is vital part of our team and is graduating this May! We are going to miss her dearly and do not want her to ever leave us. She brings a smile and so much laughter to our work place. Her energy and positive attitude have an effect on everyone and I am sure that if you have joined us on a cruise that she was working you had a great time! Jordyn is majoring in Therapeutic recreation and hopes to become a CTRS (you will have to ask her what that is exactly). She loves to spend time with her friends and family as well as working with people with disabilities. Jordyn is truly a people person and so it was no surprise that the reason she loves her job is all the people (customers and fellow employees) and that she wants you to know our staff rocks! Her favorite thing about working on the Princess are the jam sessions she shares with fellow crew members while cleaning up the yacht (that is once you all have gone home). We love our J Wow and know she will make a difference in a lot of peoples lives as she already has in ours.

Kieran Potterton, Bartender/Crew Member

Kieran is our trusty bartender and cleaner extraordinaire. He is a great friend of the owners, Chris and Nikki, but now is a friend to all the staff of VPC! He is one happy guy and is just about always in a good, positive mood. Kieran can whip up a delicious cocktail like no other but his strong suit is in his vacuuming abilities. Never will you ever meet someone that loves to vacuum nor is better at vacuumming than Kieran Potterton. Kieran has a full-time profession in addition to his part-time job here. He is a Behavioral Analyst and helps lots of clients throughout East TN cope with their own specific behavioral challenges. His positive attitude and great demeanor play a role in why he is so successful in this profession. Not only is Kieran a behavioral analyst, a part-time bartender, and a cleaner extraordinaire, but he has also, just recently, become a father to the most precious baby boy there is. If you come onboard and Kieran is your bartender make sure to ask him about his little dude, he will be more than happy to share!

Jessica Ganley, Galley Staff/ Catering Prep

Jessica is our culinary student and galley extraordinaire. She is currently in school training to become a master chef and on her spring break training on how to become the perfect yachtie. She grew up on boats and loves working on one where she can combine her love for the water and boats with her love for cooking. It just makes sense that you find Jess slaving away in the galley prepping your delicious meal. She is meticulous and incredibly thorough. One of her favorite things to do on the yacht is cook for large parties. She loves the challenge of getting the food out on time while it is still hot for each guest. When asked to tell me a joke it is no wonder this foodie has one related to just that…What do you call a cheese that’s not yours? Nacho Cheese! Next time you join us on board make sure you pop in to the galley to say compliments to the chef, she would just love it!

Vivian Laws, Lead Server, Crew Member, Bartender

Vivian, or as we call her Vivi or Viv, is another Memphian. She came to the east side of the state for school but will most likely move back when she graduates. Vivian is extremely involved with St. Jude and even named her sweet puppy baby after the medical facility. She hopes to graduate from UT and get a job with St. Jude’s fundraising division as a patient liaison and event planner. She is very passionate about ending childhood cancer and goes on lots of speaking engagements for them. Vivian loves to travel and experience new things. That is largely why she loves her job here with VPC! Everyday is a new adventure onboard because there are so many different kinds of events and people who visit from all over the country. Really for Vivian she loves new experiences and people. She wants you all to plan events on board and pick the Spicy Andouille Sausage dip in a bread bowl (she is obsessed with it!) We have enjoyed having Vivian as part of our team for a year now! She is a huge part of the success and dynamic of our crew and team.

Andy Patterson, Server/Crew Member

Hailing from the north is our molecular biology, certified nurse assistant, crew member Andy. He is a devoted University of Wisconsin fan and tries his hardest to tolerate the color orange. When Andy grows up he would like to become a PA and also maybe cure AIDS. Whatever he does he will be honoring his mother and doing whatever he needs to make her proud. Andy truly believes everyone should come onboard the Princess because Knoxville is much more beautiful on the water! He highly recommends the Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast but really give him any meat and he is happy. Andy has a good sense of humor and does not take life too seriously. He can always be seen laughing and talking with guests onboard. He has worked on another boat in Chattanooga, TN and thinks that the boating life is just a good fit for him.

Briana Catley

Our one and only Texasean, Briana, better known as Bri, is a relatively new hire. She has been with us now for just around 6 months and has fit in nicely. She has another full-time position as a Bookkeeper for American Campus Communities but is working on transitioning into the creative marketing industry. Her life-long goal is to develop marketing strategies and campaigns for her favorite entertainers, music festivals & athletic events. She is very creative and loves to design ads and find underexposed musicians to learn and write more about! Bri likes working here at VPC because she gets to interact with customers and helps in creating an unforgettable evening for them on the water. She recommends standing outside on the back deck during one of our night cruises for fresh air and to see the lights under the bridges, it brings lots of peace and tranquility. Bri wants you all to know that the mashed potatoes are where it is at and that she hopes to meet you out on the water.

J Riley White

Our newest crew member and addition to the team is Mr. J. Riley White, or better know as Just Riley. He hails from this great city of Knoxville and is just starting his journey at UTK. He is looking forward to graduating in Supply Chain Management in four years and fishing, hunting and working for VPC all along the way. Even though Riley has only been with us a few short months he wants you all to know that the best thing to get while on board is our scrumptious Cheesecake! He would not admit this to me but his favorite LeMasurier is Captain Chris because he has a lot to teach him. His favorite joke is about a captain too~ Why did the captain decide not to buy a new hat? He was afraid of cap sizing. We look forward to getting to know Riley better and for you all to meet him too! He says his favorite thing to do on the yacht is watch our guests’ faces light up when we bring them their food so make sure and give him a great big smile next time you are on board.

Volunteer Princess Cruises offers unique public cruises and private events.

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