Our Route

The Volunteer Princess departs from Volunteer Landing Marina, located next door to University of Tennessee’s Neyland Stadium, home of Volunteer football. It heads downstream through the bridges of Knoxville. Most cruises follow the same route, with the only difference being the distance traveled due to different cruise lengths. All cruises pass the Sunsphere, Neyland Stadium, the Body Farm, and into the Sequoyah Hills Community.

On 90-minute cruises, the yacht rounds the top of Loony Island, which is just before the Reserve Base on Alcoa Highway. On two-hour cruises, we pass around the island and deeper into Sequoyah Hills before we round up. On three-hour cruises, we make it past Cherokee Country Club and next to Lakeshore Park. The distance the yacht travels totally depends on the timing of the cruise.

No two cruises are the same. There are a number of factors the captain deals with every time we leave the dock.

  • Current: The downstream current can run up to five knots. The downstream cruising speed could be considerably faster than the speed returning to the dock.
  • Wind: Sometimes wind from the east makes docking considerably more difficult. Don’t be alarmed; wind typically does not impact our cruise route unless these east winds are extremely fast.
  • Boat Traffic: Cruising can be altered by other boaters. We always keep safety in mind while on the river, especially during higher traffic times throughout the year.

Volunteer Princess Cruises offers unique public cruises and private events.

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